Q.  “Can I audition on more than one instrument?
A.   Yes you can!  There is a $10 registration fee for each additional instrument.

Q.  “I can’t make the audition date.  Will I still be able to apply?”
A.  Absolutely.  Contact us at auditions@tywo.ca to arrange an alternate time for your audition.  However, as spots in the Wind Orchestra fill up quickly, priority is given to those who audition on the formal audition date.

Q.  “How do I decide which ensemble to audition for?
A.  No problem! Look at the audition excerpts and decide which you might be more comfortable with.  Also, adjudicators will make their recommendations as to which ensemble would best suit you.

Q.  “Do I need an accompanist?”
A.  Not at all.

Q.  “Will the audition include any sight-reading?
A.   No.  However, be sure to give the best possible performance to your solo and especially the audition excerpts.

Q.  “How many adjudicators will be present at my audition?
A.   Two, and they’re both friendly!

Q.  “How will I know what ensemble I got into?
A.   You’ll receive an e-mail  just days after the auditions notifying you of your results.  You will receive more details at your audition.

Q.  “Does TYWO offer bursaries or scholarships?
A.   Yes we do.  Ask about both on the day of your audition.