Board of Directors


Craig Anhorn – Chair
Allan Sperling – Past Chair
Roland Wilk – Treasurer
Marion Wilk – Co-Treasurer
Helen Geng – Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Ian Anhorn – Director
Chris Barnett – Director
Chris Hoffman – Director
David Lum – Director
Gita Madan – Director
Zarina Varley – Director



Beryl MacLeod – Executive Director
Natalie Worden
Manager, Education and Outreach
Allie Henestrosa
– Personnel Manager, Wind Orchestra

Rebekah Tam – Personnel Manager, Symphonic Winds
Jacob Valcheff – Personnel Manager, Symphonic Winds
Christa Lock – Personnel Manager, Concert Winds
Dave Chriske – Personnel Manager, Metropolitan Winds
David Morris – Photographer
Graham Lindsey – Resident Webslinger
Paul Pietrkiewicz – Operations Manager